October, 10/06/17

Barrier Island


Going to Barrier Island was a fun trip! Our class always has fun together. The first thing we did was unpack the car, make up our beds, and go to the beach. For lunch, we had grilled cheese sandwiches. They were okay; they were not the best though. The first class we had, was learning about turtles and insects. Once we were done with that class, we had dinner. For dinner we had tacos. They were good. We had no ort the whole time, ort means leftover food. Our late night activity was singing songs by the campfire, and then we went dancing. Our late night snack was Oreo thins and water. After that, we went back to our cabin and crashed.

Barrier Island
Some of the fifth grade students pose for a picture covered in mud after they left the mud put. They had a blast in the mud pit– one of the most anticipated activities at Barrier Island.

The next day, we had sausage, eggs, grits, and muffins for breakfast. The sausage and muffins were good, but the grits and eggs tasted like nothing. Our activity was seining, that was one of my favorite activities. For lunch we had hamburgers and tater tots. Our next activity was the mud pit! It was fun; it was not as fun as I thought it would be though. We got sooo muddy! After that, we went and washed off in the ocean. My shirt and shoes were stained. My pants were not that bad. The walk back to the cabin was long! For dinner we had chicken tenders and mac & cheese. Our night activity was noodle hockey! That was probably my favorite activity. Our late night snack was a cookie and water. It took us a while to eat that, but once we did, we went back to the cabin and fell asleep.

The last day, we went hiking through the woods, and went crabbing. Hiking was fun, but the mosquitoes were horrible. We probably had at least 10 coats of bug spray on. Crabbing, we did not do much. All we did was pull in crab pots. For lunch we had hot dogs on the porch. We were sad to leave, but we had a great time.



Putting the “Grand” in Grandparents’ Day


I sat down with Patrick Henry’s music director, Mrs. Susan Hatcher, to discuss the process of Grandparents’ Day and what it does for Patrick Henry.grandparents-day.jpg

Q: How far in advance do you have to plan everything out for Grandparents’ Day?

A: My initial planning begins during the summer so that I am ready to begin teaching the students the songs the first day of school.

Q: How has Grandparents’ Day changed since you started working at Patrick Henry?

A: Each year I try to incorporate new music; however, there is one very special song that has become a tradition. Also, this year was the first time grandparents of all students were invited, and this was the first year my fifth grade recorder class performed at Grandparents’ Day.

Q: What are some things you wish to change for next year’s Grandparents’ Day?

A: If the entire student body is invited to watch the program again next year, I would like for my high school drama team to share a scene from our competition play.

Q: What is your favorite part about Grandparents’ Day?

A: I have two things! The first is seeing the grandparents’ smiling faces and happy tears after my students’ performance. The second is the delicious sausage biscuits.

Q: Why do you think Grandparents’ Day is important to Patrick Henry?

A: I think showing our appreciation to grandparents for the tremendous investment they make into these young lives deserves a special day at Patrick Henry Academy.

Q: How old is the tradition of Grandparents’ Day at Patrick Henry?

A: This was my ninth Grandparents’ Day program, but it had been going on long before I began teaching.

Q: What is the hardest part about preparing for Grandparents’ Day?

A: This year was very difficult because of days missed due to the eclipse, Labor Day, and Hurricane Irma.

Q: What does Grandparents’ Day do for the students and grandparents of Patrick Henry?

A: I hope it teaches our students to be grateful for the gift of grandparents, and I hope the grandparents feel truly appreciated.



Major Setback for Patriots QB


Junior and Patriots quarterback, Kennedy Fairey has had it pretty rough these last couple of weeks. Towards the beginning of the football season Fairey was experiencing pain in his elbow, but their game against Clarendon Hall left him with an even bigger worry, a knee injury. As the first string quarterback Fairey’s elbow injury was a huge hindrance, but his knee has put him out completely for the rest of the season. Fairey’s knee injury happened during the Clarendon Hall game when he twisted his knee. Despite this, Fairey continued to play the rest of the game. The following week Fairey limited his

Kennedy copy
Fairey supports his team from the sidelines. Fairey was injured during the Clarendon Hall Game.

practice time in an effort to give his knee a rest, but it was still bothering him. When the Homecoming game rolled around the following week Fairey was still experiencing pain; however, he decided to play anyway. It was agreed that playing both offense and defense would be too much strain on his knee, so Fairey only played on offense. Taking him out of the defense took a starting cornerback from the lineup, which is a huge drawback for the team. Even with Fairy out for half of the game, the Patriots proved they could do anything in the face of adversity and pulled through and won the Homecoming game against Jefferson Davis. The following Monday Fairey’spain still had not minimized, so he went to the doctor. They discovered that he has a fractured knee and needs to stay off of it for six weeks. The football team was pretty devastated about this news, but they are not discouraged. Senior football player Hunter Speilman said, “His injury takes out a key part of our offense, but we hope to still finish the year out strong.”



May I have Some Gravy?


There are so many wonderful things about the holidays. For instance, the candy at Halloween, the family setting at Thanksgiving, or the presents at Christmas. But there is always one thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of the holidays: food. People use food as a way to come together and celebrate a particular event, like a holiday or a birthday. A long time ago, Patrick Henry used to serve holiday lunches and use it as a way to bring the students together and celebrate. The lunchroom ladies served a delicious platter of turkey breast, a steamy side of brown gravy and string beans, and an amazing Hawaiian roll. The day before Spring Break, or Easter, the lunchroom ladies

FullSizeRender copy
Mrs. Smith and Ms. Peeples working hard to make sure we are all fed. In earlier years, they would make the students holiday meals.

would serve beautifully sliced ham, creamy macaroni and cheese, and, again, the amazingly sweet Hawaiian roll. These appetizing platters were special to the student body because they were the specially made Thanksgiving and Easter lunches. They were one of the important ways Patrick Henry celebrated these holidays. One might ask, “Why don’t the lunch ladies serve these delicate dishes anymore?” Well, that is a question that has been asked for years and there is finally an answer. Mrs. Janice Smith said, “[The meals were] a lot of hard work and no one appreciated it.” The holidays meals were served a number of years ago so the students who did not appreciate the meals at that time, no longer go here and the rest of the students who have had the meals in the past, were probably not old enough to not appreciate them. Senior Hunter Spielman says, “I loved [the holiday meals] and if they were served again, they would be greatly appreciated.”


Own Your Beliefs



WD. So often in our lives we do things not because we necessarily want to, but because it is what the crowd is doing. But ask yourself, what do you gain from following the crowd? Each person is blessed with his or her own set of values, but in many cases we find it so hard to follow them. We are all guilty of it, doing things that others are doing around us despite our better judgment. Senior Harley Beach commented on one of his actions that resulted in severe consequences. He felt pressured when he saw other people doing it and felt the need to join in. It is important to remember that actions have consequences and every action should be thought through. If you are about to do something you know is wrong and it goes against your morals, simply do not do it. Saying no to friends may embarrass you for the time being, but later you will be thankful that your better judgment was used. When asked about peer pressure, eighth grader David Peeples said, “Some friends influenced me to do something that I knew would not turn out well, but I did it anyway to be cool.” Doing something you know is not right because others are nagging you to do it does not make you cool; it makes you less of a person. Is being the cool kid really worth it if popularity is gained through immoral actions? In our young generation, peer pressure is a growing problem, but rest assured you can prev

ent falling victim to it. Guidance counselor Mary Braddock informs us that “the number one way to avoid being pressured by peers is to have confidence in yourself and own your values. It is critical to make choices based on your owned beliefs and not on someone else’s.” If there is no other belief that you carry with you throughout your life, carry this—be your own person. Make decisions for yourself and do not let others do it for you.



Students of the Month

Sophie Westendorf

IMG_1833 copy

Fourth grader Sophie Westendorf always goes above and beyond what is expected. She is always kind and is a wonderful example for other students. Sophie has been extremelykind to our new student, Kaitlyn. She involves her at recess and always asks her how her day is going. Sophie is very smart and is always willing to help her classmates if they are struggling. Sophie always stands up for what is right, even if she is standing alone.


Telie McCoy

IMG_1844 copyEleventh grader Telie McCoy has been faced with such adversity with her knee injury. She was injured participating in the PowderPuff game.  Because of this injury, she will miss the biggest golf tournament of the year. Telie will also miss a huge opportunity to get attention from recruiters and be All State in golf. In spite of it all, she has not complained or asked anyone for help.




A Big Decision


Every year, the PHA drama team attends the annual drama competition. It is something that the drama team works very hard for and looks forward to. Every year, the Calculus and Physics classes go to Physics Day at the South Carolina State Fair. This year, those who participate in the drama team and are also in the Calculus or Physics class had to make a hard decision. This year, the drama competition and Physics Day at the Fair are on the same day. This brought up a very difficult situation for two seniors in particular. Grace Williams and I had to make the choice in whether we were going to participate in the drama competition or go to Physics Day for the last time with our class. After a few weeks of consideration, we both decided to participate in the drama competition. Although we would have loved to attend both, we just couldn’t have our way. We are happy in our decision though, and are very excited to see what we can accomplish in this year’s competition.




By: Cassie Brown

Have you or someone that you know ever been hacked? It can be a pretty terrifying experience. Someone, other than yourself, has complete control over your social media account, your bank account, or some other personal information and entertainment. According to NBC News, “more than 4 billion data records were stolen globally in 2016.” I took it upon myself to see the accessibility of hacking, in general. I found that it is very easy for anyone to learn the basics of hacking all the way into the more advanced hacking skills. With this accessibility available to everyone, the possibility of you or one of your loved ones being hacked is most definitely possible. I advise everyone to be careful and to consider making more complex and advanced passwords for social media accounts, bank accounts, and anything else that has to deal with your important information. Please be wary of suspicious emails and phone calls. You could be hacked at any time of the day. It will most likely come at a time where you least expect it. Please keep in mind that the world is more technologically advanced than it ever has been and people are determined to find out anything they need to know to either steal from you or complicate your life.



Against All Odds


Two of our very own, Blair Moore and Gill Griner, did something at the beginning of this semester that some never have enough courage to do. Moore (Class of 2016) and Griner (Class of 2017) were exceptional football players on PHA’s team. Wanting to extend their football careers, Moore and Griner decided to try out for Clemson University’s 2017 football team. Together, both of them trained all summer long and were prepared to try out for football when the fall tryouts took place this past August. Most do not know the work that goes into preparing and the details of trying out for a football team, so Moore was generous enough to answer a few questions regarding his experience.

Have you always wanted to play or at least try out for college football? “Yes, football nfl-players.jpghas always been one of my favorite sports, so I have always wanted to play football longer than just throughout high school. Trying out for the Clemson football team gave me a chance to do this.”

Why did you decide to try out this year rather than last year, your freshman year? “I decided to tryout this year because last year, as a freshman, I wanted to just get settled into my classes and into the whole college lifestyle.”

What preparation went into getting ready for your tryout? “To prepare for the tryout, I trained twice a day almost every single day. Gill and I started the day by going to the gym first thing in the morning. In the afternoon, we would train at speed and agility at the football field.”

What were the requirements to tryout? “In order to tryout we were required to have paperwork which included a physical release form, our sickle cell test results, class schedule, our academic transcript, proof of identification, among several other things.”

How many people tried out? How many positions were open to fill? “Sixty-two people tried out and there was only one spot open.”

Did you consider not trying out after finding out about your odds? Were you discouraged in any way? “After they told us how many spots were available I was slightly discouraged, but I knew that I was as prepared as anyone for the tryout so I never thought about not trying out.”

Overall, how do you think you performed in your tryout? “I feel like I performed very well at the tryout. There were a few things I felt like I needed to improve, but for the most part I was confident on my performance at the tryout.”

What was your favorite part of the experience? “My favorite part was getting to be on the field in front of some of the best football coaches in America and giving it my all in hope of impressing them.”

Gill also tried out; how did he do? “We tried out for different positions so we were separated during the tryout, but from talking to him afterward he said he felt good about his performance as well.”

Even though you did not make the team, would you do it again? Why? “Yes I would definitely do it again and I most likely will in the spring because it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”



Word Jumble Answers

Unscramble the Halloween themed words!

Someone who is allergic to garlic. (VAMPIRE)

Something that is sweet and can be eaten. (CANDY)

Someone who is not fond of silver. (WEREWOLF)

Someone who has bolts in their neck. (FRANKENSTEIN)

Jokes of the Month:

What do you call a dog that does magic tricks?  A Labracadabrador

Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants? In case he gets a hole in one

Why did the cookie go to the doctor? He was feeling crummy





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