SEPTEMBER, 09/08/17

Homecoming Chaos


With a small class, one can expect nothing less than having others there to “have your back,” so to speak. This is the case with nearly every single class here in the halls of Patrick Henry Academy, and a recent event has highlighted just how much we as students stick together. Just the other day, student council sponsor Ms. Judy Long informed senior girls that unlike previous years not every girl would get to walk as a Homecoming Queen candidate. What is the reasoning for this? Well, this year’s senior class consists of 10 girls and 10 boys, and when there are over eight girls in the class, only four girls are elected to run for Homecoming Queen. The policy states that the senior class must vote and elect the four girls, and that any girls that are tied for the top spots walk as well. As with many things in life, there are loopholes to get around certain rules and regulations. A loophole is just what the senior girls found, and they strategized. None of them could bear to witness six of their closest friends being left out of an event they have looked forward to their entire high school career. Each of them knew that even if they were one of the selected four girls, it would not be the same standing out there hand-in-hand waiting to hear the big result without everyone there. So what did they do? They outsmarted the system and talked all the boys into helping them out. It was not pure coincidence that the votes ended up being a 10-way tie and each of the 10 girls are walking out on Homecoming night.

“I, being a senior girl myself, was angry when I was told about this rule. I can’t speak for any of the other girls, but ever since I was a little girl I have waited for the day that I get to walk out on the football field as a Homecoming Queen candidate, hold my classmate’s hands, and wait on our Homecoming Queen to be announced. When I was told that all of the senior girls could not walk out and we had to vote on four candidates, my heart broke. This was something I have been looking forward to doing since I was in K-4 and there was a possibility I wouldn’t get to do it.  I am not the only one that was upset about having to do this either. After the girls and I put our heads together, we came up with a solution to this problem. By some “miracle” all ten senior girls will be walking out. Therefore, my heart is no longer broken. The senior girls and I will be standing hand in hand on the football field to hear our Homecoming Queen be announced after all.”- Wooten



Students of the Month

MacFourth grader Mac Gohagan has been a great example for younger students to follow. Mac has persevered through many challenging books this summer and he blew his teachers away with comprehension. Mac works hard and he wants to do well, and he is constantly showing school spirit. He gets pulled out five times a week for resource, but he never complains about it. Mac maintains a positive attitude and he is always kind! Mac is always willing to help the teacher no matter the task at hand.





GRACE Student of the MonthTwelfth grader Grace Williams is kind, friendly, helpful, and hardworking! Grace always greets people with a smile, no matter what. Grace works hard academically. She also loves playing with her cats and mastering her banjo skills. During her study hall on Fridays, she kindly offers to help Lynn Manuel with her K3 and K4 activity. Manuel says “Grace is very patient with the children.”


Busy Year, Busy Schedule


The school year has started and it is in full swing. It is going to be a busy year so here are some important dates to remember during September:

  • Monday, 4 – NO SCHOOL– Labor Day
  • Monday, 11 – Board Meeting @ 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, 12- Student Fall Portraits (CANCELED)
  • Wednesday, 13 – Beta Club Induction @ 8:30am in the gym (MOVED)
  • Thursday, 14 – Interim Reports go live on RenWeb
  • Friday, 15 – Grandparents Day, K3-12Th Grade, noon dismissal
  • Monday, 18-20- Fifth Grade Class Trip to Barrier Island
  • Tuesday, 19- Yankee Candle sale ends
  • Tuesday- Thursday, 19-21 – Parent Conferences
  • Friday, 22 – Homecoming, kickoff starts @ 7:30pm. If any parents are interested in setting up a tent for the Tailgating Contest, please contact Cheri Griner @ 803-943-6363

Attention Seniors, please do not forget about the Yearbook deadlines coming up! In case anyone forgot, here is a list of the upcoming dates:

  • September 8 – Senior Stats, stats should include any club, organization, sport, or any other school related extracurricular activity in which the senior was involved during any of his/her high school years; awards and offices held should also be included.
  • September 15 – Last Will and Testament, Seniors can leave certain items, talents, or memories to underclassmen. All entries will be approved, do not put in anything that will have to be edited out.


  • If any senior has not turned in his or her quote, please do so immediately. Email a copy of your quote to


Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose


The first football game of the season is always exciting. Friday night, August 18, 2017 the

Clear Eyes Picture
Junior Kennedy Fairey stretches the ball out as he rushes into the end zone.  The Patriots dominated the field, outscoring the Raiders 36-14.

Patriots played the first game of their season against the Raiders and came out with a win. Senior Hunter Spielman said, “[The win] made me happy and it will make the team more confident.” Both teams played hard and it pretty much came down to a war of attrition of which both sides barely gave any ground. After pushing back time in and time out, the Patriots pulled off a win by only a few points. Neil Chassereau says the win, “… boosts our confidence and lets us know we can have a successful season.” There were some key players in the Patriots win including sophomore Kyle Jarrell; juniors Kennedy Fairey and Daniel Hauptmann; and seniors Batten Bostick, Hunter Spielman, and Jackson Wiggins. Jarrell made sure that his quarterback was protected during the game as well as made some great carries. Fairey scored two touchdowns, completed two passes, and carried the ball 14 times. Hauptmann lead the team in defense with an outstanding amount of 12 solo tackles. Spielman had an outstanding total of 97 reception yards. Wiggins played at just about every position on offense and did so without coming out of the game for more than a handful of seconds. This game was definitely an improvement for the Patriots.


High School Students Get Involved


When I was in elementary school, I can remember getting so excited because the “big kids” would come help us out at lunch and they would even come read to us. Most of the time, high school kids don’t think about how much the elementary kids look up to them and how often they watch everything they do. The cheerleaders were my idols when I was little; I was obsessed with them and I couldn’t wait until I got older so I could be just like them. Today, our high school is not as involved with the elementary students, but I am trying to change that. I have asked all of the elementary teachers if they would be interested in getting our students more involved with the little ones and they are thrilled that someone is thinking of their students. So far, the activities that the high school kids will do with the elementary students are reading books to them, going to play with them at recess, and greeting them at the doors in the morning. More than ten high school students have sign up to participate.

Senior Jackson Wiggins reads Froggy Goes to Bed to a group of first graders.

If anyone is interested in helping or would like to sign up to participate, please contact the journalism staff at . When the younger students walk down the halls and see all of the football jerseys and cheerleading uniforms, it makes their day. Next time any elementary student is in the hallway, just say hey and I promise their face will light up.


‘Tis the Susan to EnJoye a Good Book


The library holds many treasures. As students get older, they tend to use the library less which leads to them missing out on all the great opportunities the library offers. The young children of our school, however, partake in several different activities. They play with Lincoln Logs, building blocks, Play Dough, and toy cars. Now, there is a new program called Osmo. The Osmo program is an Ipad activity in which children draw on white boards and the image shows up on the screen seconds later. Just last year, the library bought four new Ipads and added to that amount this year by buying five more Ipads for a total of nine. These new improvements are doing more to promote the joys of reading and education among children. Librarians Susan Rice and Joye Tuten also keeps the computers up-to-date and ensure that all students have a way to do their work, whether it is completing online classes or typing a paper. The library also has a wide variety of books from Encyclopedias to all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. When asked about upcoming projects for the library, Tuten gladly stated that the annual Book Fairs are coming up in November and March and said, “They are [the library’s] main income so it is very important to come shop at the Book Fair.” It is a well-known fact that nothing comes easy so of course the library faces some challenges. Tuten also discussed the problems that the library faces; the most common problems are late fees and lost or damaged books. The truth is, the library is a great place to explore and to learn.


Small-town Girl Goes Viral


It’s not every day that you get to stand in the presence of someone even remotely famous, but right here at Patrick Henry Academy you can. Senior Anna Priester had no idea her senior pictures would bring in such high esteem, but it’s obvious the world loves cheese balls. Many have wondered why cheese balls? Anna responds to these people by Annasimply saying, “Why not? I love cheese balls and I thought it would be funny to take a photo shoot with them.” She just wanted to bring a little humor to her friends, but social media had other plans for her unique pictures. From the second her cheese ball pictures were posted on Facebook, people started sharing them one after another. Photographer Wendy Jarrell shared the photos on her Facebook profile and before long they caught the eye of Yahoo. A reporter from Yahoo emailed Anna and asked for quotes concerning her awesome senior pictures. Yahoo then made a video about Anna and her pictures and it now has over 187k views. Many viewers had comments about Anna’s remarkable idea and did not hesitate to share them. Some said things like “I wish I would have thought of this,”, and others made comments about them being the best senior pictures they’ve ever seen. It is safe to say that most people in our small town of Hampton County have seen the cheese ball pictures, and some even have started to refer to Anna as “cheese ball.”


Traveling to a Communist Country


Traveling outside of the country can be both frightening and exciting. Recently, Americans have been granted access to travel to Cuba freely. This summer, my mom and I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Cuba and get a glimpse of what it is like and an idea of how different it is than our country.  We stayed in Havana (or Habana as it is known to the natives of Cuba), the capitol of Cuba, for 24 hours. Once we passed through

This is one of four main squares somewhere in Havana, Cuba.
Usually calm during the day, but when the sun went down, all of the Cubans came out to play.

customs and immigration, my mom and I took a five hour tour of the city. We walked through the four main squares of the city and then loaded up into our taxi, a 1955 Chevy Bel Air. We drove to several locations including where they kept the equipment used in the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Most of the buildings, if not all, were government owned. The government monitors everything in Cuba. There are police on almost every corner in Havana, making it one of the safest places to live. The citizens have very few freedoms and they are devoid of everyday items that we often take for granted such as toilet paper and air conditioning. There is no internet in Cuba and phones are only used for calls. The people there are all so generous and kind. My favorite part of Cuba was seeing all of the old cars and meeting some of the citizens. I loved my time in Cuba and my mom and I plan to go back someday. Traveling to Havana made me thankful for what I have. We all take our freedoms for granted and we all need to realize that we have it so much better than the rest of the world. I recommend this trip to everyone. It is such an amazing experience and it is very educational as well!


500 Games and Counting


Football has been a part of Patrick Henry Academy for a very long time. Therefore, it should not be too surprising that we are playing our 500th game this season. Patrick Henry alumni, Jeffrey Strickland, states from his research that, “looking at the football program’s record in our 46th season and adding up the games played, our 500th game should be played against Faith Christian.” Strickland has been doing a lot of research on Patrick Henry football and has acquired information about the team as far back as 1971. Strickland asks that if anyone could prove him wrong, to please let him know as he would appreciate any new information. “Regardless,” he says, “we will definitely have the 500th game this year.” The more he finds, the more we learn about our team and our stats. Considering our small size, 500 games is rather impressive. This event should not go unnoticed. Many people would not even know about this monumental event. Football has been a major sport at Patrick Henry and a favorite of many. We hope to see many more games in the future and many more winning seasons.


Disaster That Hurt Hundreds


Harvey has swept through and left thousands of families homeless due to flooding and other damages. With winds up to 130 mph, Harvey quickly turned into a category four hurricane. Harvey was reported to be the strongest landfall to hit that area. Along with being hit by Harvey, there have also been over a dozen tornadoes. Finally, Harvey slowed down into a tropical storm August 26. The total amount of rainfall that Texas has had pushed over a half-foot higher than of the previous disaster, Tropical Storm Allison. So far officials have listed around thirty-eight deaths and many more injuries. Not only has this storm been a large disaster, it put a hold on the economic upswing of this area. As soon as the hurricane made landfall, it turned major roads in Houston into raging rivers. Last year we thought we had it bad when Hurricane Matthew came through, but compared to what Harvey has done to Texas we were nowhere close. Harvey has just swept through and stripped families of all of their belongings.

Although this disaster has crippled many it has also shown the good in huge corporations as well as shown the way Americans can come together when faced with a disaster. Coca-Cola, Google, Facebook, and many more are all donating money to the cause. Who knows why corporations are doing this whether it is for the good of humanity or if it’s for publicity to show how kind and loving big business can be, but one thing is clear. No matter the reason, these major companies are helping in a big way. Corporations are not the only ones helping. People from all over the country are going to help. Many men and women are coming from nearby and far away with small bass and john boats to help people get out of the flooding and escort them to a safer place. There are over 35,000 people in shelters where they will be given a place to sleep and a warm meal to eat, all thanks to the relief efforts of thousands of good Americans.


Meet Your New Student Council


With every new school year, there also comes a new student council. After speaking with many of the officers for this 2017-2018 school year, it is clear to see the agenda is already piling up. Student Body President, Hunter Speilman said “we hope to make this year the best yet and get the students involved in as much as possible.” And with the new student council sponsor, Ms. Judy Long, it is very possible that will be just what they do. The officers and representatives are already working hard to plan events for this year, and are anxious to see what will come. Below learn a little more about who our officers are and what their goals are in office.

Hunter Speilman, President

Grade: 12

Biggest Goal: “I want to make changes that will last past our school year, and to overall positively impact our school.”

Any Major Concerns or Ideas: “Right now one of my main concerns is the unapproved cheerleading jacket and attempting to change that rule.”

Ellee Mikell, Vice-President

Grade: 11

Biggest Goal: “To make Student Council more involved in some of the school decisions, the students’ voices need to be heard.”

Grace Ann Williams, Secretary/Treasurer

Grade: 12

Biggest Goal: ”To make a lot of money.”

Any Major Concerns or Ideas: “I, as well, want to focus on the cheerleading jacket issue.”

Garret Griner, Reporter

Grade: 11

 Biggest Goal: ”To be the best student council the school has ever had, and to represent the students very well.”


Student Council Shake Up


In previous years the Patrick Henry Academy Student Council has not been as official as some would like it to be. However, this year, under the leadership of Mrs. Judy, the Student Council has become what it was truly meant to be. There are now Student Council Representatives from seventh grade and up that will be on committees to assist the Student Council officers with their respective jobs. As of now, we are currently working on Homecoming. We have sent in the days for spirit week to be approved and we have decided on the format of the Powder Puff game. On top of this, we have worked on a proposition to make cheerleading and baseball jackets approved outerwear. This proposition will be presented at the next board meeting. Student Council hopes to be much more active and much more helpful to the students of Patrick Henry. As the year goes on, the impact of the greatly changed Student Council will surely be felt by all students.



Riddles and Jokes

riddle (by: kyle jarrell):

When people see me, they usually sit down

and watch me.

Usually, I fly around but I have no wings.

I also like rolling around just as much.

Some people are scared of me

But some people have fun with me.

I love the taste of leather

But despise wood.

I am very violent, but small.

I am capable of breaking teeth and bones

But I cannot move anywhere by myself

Because I am not alive.

I am usually white and red when

I am new but become dirty after being used.

What is my name?

Answer: a baseball


Word Search Solutions

Cross word answers






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