Early Morning and Pulled Pork


March 19, 2017, seniors awoke to a beautiful sunny and cool Sunday morning to work the annual Patrick Henry Academy board barbecue. The event, by now, has become almost routine for many veteran board members like Bob Wiggins and Walt Corbin, who have seen their fair share of coolers filled to the brim with pulled pork and rice. However, such a sight was quite unique to dreary senior eyes. Yet it was necessary as in exchange for their labor, they were granted a skip day upon their return from their trip to the Florida Keys.

Instructed to be at the school by eight in the morning, one could say that the seniors had

The mountain of packed pulled pork was quite visible upon entrance to the breezeway. This is only a small fraction of the gallons of pork packed into containers.

the opportunity to sleep in, considering some board members in charge had to pry themselves from the warmth of their bed by five that morning. Yet, there is no better source of how exactly the barbecue went for the seniors than the seniors themselves. “It was hard yet fun, and it was a nice experience working together,” says senior working man Robbie Poston. Student body President Reeves Altman also states “It was hard work but when we worked together as one, it was much simpler and easier.” Gill Griner, tenured Patrick Henry student exclaims, “It was a nice incentive to get us to work and get out of school. Also, it’s nice to be a part of something that raises a lot of money for the school.”

All things considered, it seems the senior class had a rather positive experience working the board barbecue. Granted it also doesn’t hurt getting a day free of school either. Not to mention the senior class fixed over 900 plates adding up to a sum of $8,000. The barbecue gave seniors a good final opportunity to wake up early in the morning and suffer with their fellow classmates, something some of them have done since kindergarten.


Extra Lucky


On Friday, March 17, 2017, Patrick Henry celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and Pi Day. For St. Patrick’s Day the entire student body wore green shirts. The high school did not go all out like lower school students did. Most elementary classes had a party. The entire lower school was searching for Lucky the leprechaun. The day was full of green and tasty treats.

The junior class represents their St. Patrick’s day pride by wearing green shirts. They were one of many classes to do so.

St. Patrick’s Day treats were not the only thing enjoyed Friday. The upper school math classes celebrated Pi Day which is held on March 14 because the first few numbers of Pi is 3.14. Unfortunately, the classes were unable to have their parties on March 14 because the accreditation team was visiting the school. Each student had to present a project about Pi. Their task was to present an edible object in the shape of a circle. Then, they had to measure the circumference, radius, and diameter of the object. There was also a contest held to see who could recite the most numbers of Pi. The highest amount reached was by sixth grader Makayla Donahue with 103 numbers of Pi. Everyone got a double dose of fun times wearing casual clothes and celebrating Pi Day.


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