A Weekend of History


Are you an avid Civil War enthusiast, or are you looking for a kid-friendly, fun-filled
place to spend the weekend with your family? If so, Broxton Bridge Plantation’s Civil War

As if it were an actual battle, a row of cannons was fired to signal the end of the reenactment. This was to let the surrounding troops know that it was all over.

reenactment is the place for you! Located on 1865 Broxton Bridge Rd., the plantation has been an avid place for hunters and fishermen alike. It was built in the late 1700s for the G.D. “Jerry” Varn family. While there are plenty of activities for the whole family, perhaps the most favored is the Civil War reenactments that take place one weekend during March every year. This is not only a great opportunity to learn about history, but a fun place to camp and spend time with your family and friends while taking a step back in time.


This year, I was lucky enough to experience the 16th reenactment and the 152nd

One of the many forms of battle during the Civil War was a sword fight on horseback; this was something the actors enjoyed doing.

anniversary of the Battle of Broxton Bridge. We were able to experience everything to its fullest extent, including the old-time band and the lifestyle that a soldier had to live all from the comfort of our own camper. The day of the final reenactment on Sunday started with the firing of a cannon – this was to let all the campers know that the food and craft venders were open. These vendors were only one of the many activities to enjoy before the reenactment; riding or walking the trails was also an option. The reenactment itself was invigorating and realistic with battles on horses and the firing of guns and cannons without the actual ammunition; it gave an accurate insight into the battles that took place at Broxton Bridge many, many years ago. I am already looking forward to next year’s reenactment and cannot wait for another fun, history-filled weekend.


Top Ten Movies to Watch on Long Car Rides


Most of the upperclassmen have recently gotten back from class trips. The driving hours ranged from ten hours to two, reaching distances as far as our nation’s capital and the southernmost pointe of our country, to areas as close as Charleston. Most students would agree watching a good movie or two is the best way to kill time on the long rides. Below is a compilation of movies students watched or recommended for class trips that make the hours more bearable.

  • Over the Hedge
  • Blades of Glory
  • Braveheart
  • Peter Pan
  • Paul Blart Mall Cop
  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
  • Forrest Gump
  • High School Musical 2
  • Finding Nemo
  • Top Gun


One Time I Traveled to the Other Side of the Rainbow and Saw…


The first thing I saw was a family of leprechauns taking a nap!!! They were just lying around, but that wasn’t what caught my eye. Hovering over them was a giant pot of gleaming gold. A necklace with a four leaf clover carved on it was also inside the pot. I grabbed the necklace and put it on, and when I did it felt like I fell to the ground. I SHRUNK! When I looked up, two curious leprechauns were looking back at me! They had markers and were writing on my face! They were children and their names were Joan and John. Their parents, whose names were Glore and Gore, came and punished their children. The parents were nice at first, but then they got plain out weird. They kept poking me and messing with my shoes. It was night before I figured out why they were being so weird. They knew I wasn’t a leprechaun, but they wanted to wait until their children were asleep to do something about it. First they woke me up by zapping me with a taser. Then, they threw me in a cage full of worms! I started freaking out in that wretched cage! I was worried about how in the world I would get out of there! As I was freaking out, the parents were laughing so hard that they fainted! Soon the children woke up. They asked me why I was in a cage and their parents were on the ground. I told them if they let me out, I would tell them the story of how it happened. They let me out alright, and when they did, I went running home as fast as the speed of light. Right as I was opening the door to go inside my house, my mom shook me and said, “Wake up Lil, time to get dressed for school!” It was the craziest dream ever!


To Catch a Leprechaun You Should…


First, you need to make a trap to catch the leprechaun in. To make the trap, you will need: green string, cookies, a stuffed leprechaun, and chocolate milk. Make the trap by tying green string between two small trees. Place chocolate chip cookies on a plate with chocolate milk on the ground inside of the trap. Next, put a fake leprechaun sitting at the cookies and chocolate milk. Last, you hide in the trees to tighten the string when the real leprechaun comes for the bait. When he reaches for the cookies, you will tighten the rope. BOOM, he’s stuck! Finally you will go to the leprechaun’s house and steal all of his gold. Make sure to take pictures of him while he’s stuck. That’s how you catch a leprechaun.


Tips for Traveling


Over the 14 years I have spent at Patrick Henry, I have had my fair share of class trips. There are a plethora of unspoken rules that one becomes aware of only after he or she attends the excursion. To help those who are unaware of the rules, I have accumulated a list of guidelines to follow when attending a Patrick Henry Academy class trip.

  • DO bring a blanket and pillow; sleeping helps the long rides seem shorter
  • DON’T be loud on the bus/in the car when other people are sleeping
  • DO bring a portable charger along with your normal charger because your phone will most likely die when you are out doing activities
  • DON’T take anything illegal
  • DO pack clothes for all types of weather
  • DON’T forget sunscreen, bug spray, a rain coat, and a light jacket to be prepared for any type of weather
  • DO pack a lot of clothes so you will have more outfit choices
  • DON’T pick fights with your classmates; it just makes the trip awkward for everyone
  • DO bring a camera with back up batteries


Who is the ghost that wanders the halls of PHA?


Swimming with Dolphins


For our senior trip, the class of 2017 traveled to Key West, Florida. We arrived in Key West on March 23. We stayed at the Hawks Cay Resort which was located in Duck Key. The resort had many fun activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and even swimming with the dolphins. Claire Manuel and I had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins, and it was an experience that I will never forget.

We signed up to swim with the dolphins weeks in advance. The program is partnered

There are five male dolphins that reside at Dolphin Connection: Lucky, Shanuk, Hastings, Tatum, and Bala. Each dolphin was very playful and sweet! Although they seem small, most adult dolphins weigh around 400 to 500 pounds.

with Dolphin Connection, an organization that supports dolphin research. Dolphin Connection was a short walk from the pool, which made it very easy to get to. When we first got there, we had to go into the office to sign waivers. When it was time for our swim, we went into a “classroom” that was really just chairs on a deck. Here, the dolphin trainers talked to us about dolphins and what we should expect while we are swimming with them.  We then had the option to wear a wet suit, which we wore because the water was cold. The trainers fitted us for our wet suit and the mandatory life vest.

When it was time to get in the water with the dolphins, we climbed down ladders onto submerged platforms where we stood 90% of the time. A dolphin trainer got into the water with us. We got to feed fish to five different dolphins, as well as pet them and use hand motions to make them perform different tricks. Some of their tricks were waving and clapping their fins, or jumping into the air.

Overall, the dolphin experience was very interesting. I was very nervous at first, but the dolphins were very calm. If anyone has the chance to swim with dolphins, they should take it! My favorite part about Dolphin Connection is that the dolphins are not enclosed in a pool. They live in areas that are separated from the ocean by nets and gates. I rate my experience a 5 out of 5. I would love to swim with the dolphins again!


Class Trip Art Gallery


The senior class spent their first day in Florida at Doc’s Diner enjoying a hearty breakfast. (Leanora Bishop)
The long rides through the narrow streets of Washington, D.C. were not as pain-staking due to the picturesque environment that surrounded the students. (Larisey Gooding)
The seniors spent a day on the key of Bahia Honda and were able to take advantage of the small beach before the rain hit. (Claire Manuel)
The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial was breathtaking at night; the sophomore class enjoyed everything D.C. had to offer. (Madelyn Corbin)
The planetarium at the Smithsonian for Air and Space was an entertaining aspect of the sophomores’ class trip. (Madelyn Corbin)
The colorful gift shop at the national museum of natural history gave the sophomores a fun break from educational learning on their trip to our nation’s capital. (Madelyn Corbin)
The senior class trip also consisted of a visit to the southernmost point of the country in Key West where the students were able to take several pictures. (Leanora Bishop)



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