When Your Life Long Dream Takes a Turn


Junior year is the most important year of high school. It’s the year students begin to prepare for college and start to decide which college they would like to attend after graduating. Like PHA, most schools go on college tours throughout the year to give students a better look at each college. Just last week, my junior class went on college tours while the other classes went on their trips. We toured seven different colleges; College of Charleston, The Citadel, Clemson University, Wofford College, Midlands Technical College, and the University of South Carolina.

Ever since I was little, I have always dreamed of going to Clemson University. As I got older, I found more and more reasons as to why I wanted to go to Clemson. My favorite part about Clemson is the positive atmosphere. Being a small college town, everyone bonds over their love for Clemson. Right now, the biggest thing pulling me towards Clemson is my best friend Grace Mixon. She’s in the bridge program and absolutely loves it. It’s been hard on both of us being four hours away from each other so being in Clemson with her next year would make both of us super happy. I just love everything about Clemson in general; I can easily see myself living there for four years, maybe even longer.

While lying in the grass in front of the Wofford’s administrations building, I took a selfie of all of the junior girls while we waited on the tour to start.

Although I’ve been dead set on attending Clemson for a long time, I went on the college tours with an open mind. I told myself not to let that affect my opinion of the other colleges we would go to. After touring all of the colleges and learning more about them, my world was rocked; Clemson was no longer my dream college. Not even thirty minutes into the tour, I was in love with Wofford. If I could pack up and go to Wofford tomorrow, I would in a heartbeat. There was not one thing that I didn’t like about it. I don’t even know what my favorite thing about the school was; I just love everything about it. The campus is like a small little neighborhood; everything is close together. I honestly can’t even explain what the campus and environment is like; it’s something you need to experience for yourself.

Now I’m stuck. I’m torn between Clemson and Wofford and I don’t know what to do. I absolutely love Wofford and can see myself going to college there, but at the same time, I have wanted to go to Clemson for so long, I don’t know if I can just not go to Clemson. I still have a couple months to decide where I want to go to college. I might not even get accepted to Clemson or Wofford, who knows. For a word of advice, go on college tours with an open mind. Don’t turn down a college until looking at the campus and learning more about the school.


Junior Guest Editorials

By: Ansley Moore

What does it mean to be a friend and what characteristics do friends have? Many people throughout our lives claim to be our friends, when really they are just acquaintances. To be a true friend, it takes a lot. I have been lucky enough to be blessed with a true best friend, Anna Priester. To be a friend, one must make sacrifices and they will be willing to put their lives at risk to save the other. As I have learned firsthand, friends are always there to lift the other’s spirit when they are feeling down. A friend is someone who supports another in everything they take on in life. One important characteristic of a friend is loyalty; they will absolutely always be there in times of need. Friends will reassure decisions and make sure the other knows that everything will turn out fine. If someone is truly a friend, they will not pass judgment and assure the other that those who do judge are unimportant. They are there through thick and thin, through tears and laughter. Loving is another characteristic. Friends love one another just the way they are and make each other feel special and important.

I thank God every day that he blessed me with friends who embody these characteristics, especially Anna. Anna has always been there for me and has supported me through everything. I could never in a million years ask for a better best friend than Anna. Throughout my life I have learned that friendships are nothing short of gifts from god.


By: Grace Ann Williams

What is the meaning of friendship? True friendship is more abstract than it seems. A true friendship lasts forever and is never ending. True friends who respect each other are inseparable. A real relationship between friends has to be easy going in order to be real. True friends have to be neighbors and always be there for each other. A real friendship is always going to be definite and it requires selflessness. Friends are always helpful. A true friendship is always promising and it ensures that someone will always be there. Friends are not just people to talk to, they are people who will make someone laugh when they want to cry, they are people who will make someone happy when they are sad, and they are people who will make someone smile when they want to frown. I have friends who are everything a true friend should be and that is how I know what a true friend is.


By: Cassie Brown

What is friendship? Why is it so important to so many people? A friend, by definition, is someone whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. It is possible for one to have multiple true friends, but it is rare for one to have multiple true friends. A true friend and a regular friend are different in many ways. One is always more dependable than the other and is always there no matter what. Whether a person is going through a tough time or simply just want to make memories, he or she can always count on that one person to be there and to share their experiences. Although it may seem impossible, a true friend can be made in a matter of minutes. It does not take a lifetime to create life-long friendships. A strong friendship is one that can overcome any obstacle and last even through the toughest of times. Those who we may not see or talk to every day but could eventually meet and catch up as if no time has passed are those who we may not consider as true friends. It is important to have friends because friends are some of the most treasured and cherished people of one’s life. Without friends, where would all of the stories, the adventures, the overall experience of life be? Friendship is one of the strongest bonds that we would ever have with other people. With cooperation, respect, and care, a friendship will be strong and will continue on throughout the lives of those the friendship concerns.


Keys Trip Recap


This year, the seniors elected to take their trip to the Florida Keys. After months of anticipation, the day finally arrived. Here is a recap of our adventures!

Wednesday night: We left the school promptly at 8:30 pm. After making a stop just south of Savannah to change drivers, we were south Florida bound! Thanks to ZQuil, I had no issues staying asleep the entire night.

Thursday morning: I awoke at 7:00 am to find we were in Key Largo. I felt like I was in villaanother country; the area looked like a mix between Edisto Beach and Cuba. After picking up groceries at Publix, we ate breakfast at Doc’s Diner, a local favorite. All of us ordered different things, but all enjoyed it! I had the special- two strips of perfectly cooked bacon, two eggs over easy, and four small pancakes.
Then we rode another hour on the bus to reach Hawks Cay Resort on Duck Key, our home for the weekend. We hit the pools and lagoon as soon as we could! The resort was dreamy, but we were all disappointed that there was no true beach.dock

Thursday afternoon: We were able to get into our villas shortly after lunch. The houses were very nice and overlooked the marina, which quickly became our favorite place to swim!uno

Thursday night: We ate barbecue sandwiches and played Uno until we got tired. It stormed, but it did not keep us from being outside as much as possible. We were all exhausted and slept like babies!

Friday morning: A peaceful morning was quickly interrupted by Adan crashing through a window. He tripped in the bathroom and ended up breaking the window, cutting his hand. After making trips to both an urgent care and a hospital, he got nine stitches. Adan was a good sport and did not let it stop him from having a great senior trip.
We also learned that our scheduled snorkeling trip was canceled because of a small craftbridge wind advisory. This was saddening, but we quickly searched for other activities to do beachthat day. After speaking with the concierge at the hotel, we decided to drive 45 minutes to nearby Bahia Honda State park. The scenic park had beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, nature trails, and a path to Henry Flagler’s famous double decker railroad and highway bridge.

The group had mixed feelings about the park, but I loved it and thought it was very different from anywhere else I have ever been. The best part was getting to swim in the Gulf, which I had never done before. I wish we would have been able to walk farther over the Flagler Bridge.

Friday night: The group was insistent we get a true Florida Keys dining experience, complete with live music, so we traveled to Sparky’s Landing at Key Colony Beach. The food and atmosphere were out of this world, and we stayed and enjoyed the music until the band stopped playing. I ordered raw oysters as an appetizer and had broiled shrimp for dinner.
After we returned to the villas at the resort, four other girls and I hit the hot tub and had kayakmuch needed girl time, making memories and soaking up the last little bit of time with each other!

Saturday morning: We woke up early for our last full day of fun in the Keys! We took a brief bus ride to Sombrero Beach on Marathon to meet up with our kayak guide. We spent nearly three hours on the water navigating through mangrove tunnels. Because we did not take our phones, we were all fully immersed in the moment and enjoyed each other’s company. The scenery was fascinating and we were blessed with nice weather.

When we returned to the villas, we were famished and anxious to eat. We gobbled down lunch as we got cleaned up- the next activity was a trip to Key West! It took a little over an hour to get there by bus.

Saturday night: Key West was totally different than any of the other islands. Some of the streets were lined with quaint cottages; others were packed with mainstream retail shops like K-Mart and TJ Maxx. Upon getting off of the bus, we trekked to the iconic mile rbfmarker 0 and Southernmost Point of the United States. This had been on my bucket list for years and I was excited to finally cross it off! Sadly, not everyone shared in my excitement.
After that, we headed back up the island to Mallory Square, where the famous Sunset Celebration was held. We saw some of the best street performers I have ever seen! There werejules also many unique venders and foods to try. The best part was by far the sunset- watching the sun slip away below the horizon gave me chills and is something I will never forget! Sharing this moment with Sarah was exciting and something one has to see to understand. Pictures just do not do it justice.sunset

After shopping for souvenirs, we walked east across the key to get to Conch Republic, a restaurant recommended by our kayak guide. It did not disappoint! The open air facility served amazing food; I got stuffed shrimp that were divine. Claire and Carlie got crab stuffed ravioli that was also really great!

Sunday: We left the resort around 9:45 am after snapping a few last pictures. Our trip was unforgettable, and so was the 10-plus hour bus ride home!

group pic
My senior class had a great time on their senior trip to the Florida Keys! Here the class is pictured with our wonderful bus driver, Mr. Franklin.

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